Updated: Jan 24

On wednesday (12/01/2022) NIFTY 50 has climbed to 18227.95 spot price and had closed on 18212.35 spot price. from 21 december we had seen aa good rally in all INDIAN indices such as NIFTY 50 , SENSEX , BANKNIFTY , etc. It is looking like that NIFTY 50 and other indices are increasing and rejecting there resistance levels like as a horse is running in a ground .

Looking like DII, FII , & FDI all are interested in buying , not in selling .

It is looking like we are going see NIFTY 50 , and other indices at there all time high levels very very soon . But there are more chances that a sharp selling will be seen very soon as we had not seen any good retracement and we know that markets do not move in a straight line but they move in a zig zag pattern .

On 11/01/2022 DII had total buy of 378.74 cr on NSE

FII had total buy of 111.91 CR on NSE ( NSE DATA )

today also market has shown a good bullish movement in intraday session

NIFTY all time high is 18604 spot price , market is acting vey bullish these days , it looks like it is going to break its all time high . what are your views comment down below.

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These are just authors view only . It doesnt provides any investment call .

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